Womens Only & Mates Waves New for 2014

In an attempt to make our events more women friendly and novice friendly we shall be having women's only waves in all of our triathlons and mates waves in our pool sprints.

Women's Only Waves
In 2014, all Xtra Mile Events will have separate women's waves. In the pool sprints these will be staged throughout the day according to forecasted swim times. There will also be an elite women's wave just before the elite men's wave.
We have a quick survey live at the moment, if you are a woman, please could you spare a couple of minutes to complete it - SURVEY LINK 

Mates Waves 
We often get asked if mates can start in the same wave. Whilst we have wanted to accommodate, this can affect other triathletes' enjoyment of the race. New for 2014, if you want to, you can elect to start in the same wave as your mates so that you can race together. Just enter and set up a special code word and we shall do the rest and start you in the same wave.