2018 Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon Event review

The sold out Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon took place on Sunday September 30th, welcoming athletes of all abilities. For most people it was their very first time taking part in a duathlon, whereas others used this event to try and qualify for the 2109 ITU World Championships (Sprint Distance) and the 2019 ETU Championships (Standard Distance)



The sprint distance race comprised a 4.3 km run (1 lap), followed by a 21.6 km cycle (5 laps) and a final run lap of 4.3 km, covering a total distance of 30.1 km. The standard distance race comprised a 8.6 km run (2 laps) followed by an exhilarating 38.76 km cycle (9 laps) and a final run lap of 4.3 km, totalling 51.6 km.

The sprint distance race in the morning saw Nicholas Allen from Edinburgh University Triathlon Club, took the men’s title with a time of 01:00:32. 2nd place went to David Pearson of Oxford University Triathlon Clubwith a time of 01:00:49and 3rd place went to Michael Chadwick from Team Blizardwith a time of 1:00:59.

Naomi Eaton Cheltenham and County Harriersclaimed the women’s sprint title with a time of 01:11:42. She had a very small lead of over Lorraine Mitchell who came in 2nd place with a time of 1:12:21 and Alexandra Kilcoyne with a time of 1:12:27.

The standard distance race set off at 1pm and was a close-fought battle for the top spots. Daniel Jenkins from Redvenom.Co.Ukclub took 1st place with a time of 1:43:26, and 2nd place went to Craig Taylor with a time of 1:44:58 and 3rd place went to Dan Elliot with a time of 1:45:01. In the women’s category  Becky Penty took 1st place with an impressive time of 1:57:37, 2nd place went to Michelle Carson with a time of 1:58:37 and 3rd place went to Jo Plimmer with a time of 2:02:29  


Results (provisional):


Oulton Park Autumn Duathlon: Sprint Distance

Run 1 lap – Cycle 5 laps – Run 1 lap

30/09/18, Oulton Park Motor Racing Circuit, Cheshire



1. Nicholas Allen 01:00:32

2. David Pearson 01:00:49

3. Michael Chadwick 1:00:59



1. Naomi Eaton 01:11:42

2. Lorraine Mitchell 01:12:21

3. Alexandra Kilcoyne 01:12:27


Oulton Park Spring Duathlon: Standard Distance

Run 2 laps – Cycle 9 laps – Run 1 lap

30/09/18, Oulton Park Motor Racing Circuit, Cheshire



1. Daniel Jenkins  01:43:26

2. Craig Taylor 01:44:58

3. Dan Elliot 01:45:01



1. Becky Penty 1:57:37

2. Michelle Carson 01:58:37

3. Jo Plimmer 2:02:29


The full results are available online here.